Here is a happy bra!! So excited to offer up some lingerie made from Hemp fabric. A great textile, hemp is grown easily, does not need as much water as cotton, and takes less proccessing to become fabric than bamboo. This gorgeous Daffodil colored fabric is a delicous blend of Hemp, Cotton, and a wee bit of Lycra for that sweet comfortable stretch.  The Bra is a timeless and simple design, with a three peice cup for structure,  longline cradle for ultimate support, and cream lace adorning the edges for a little extra sweetness. Straps are adjustable with the help of rosegold sliders and loops.


Made to your measurements, because your body is perfect and  you are worthy of ultimate fit.


"Daffodil" Hemp Bra Longline

  • To enjoy your lingerie for as long as possible please follow these care instructions.

    -Wash by hand in warm water or on a gentle cycle in a machine.
    -If washing with other more substantial garments, first place lingerie in a mesh washing bag to protect them.
    -Make sure all claps are closed to protect lace and mesh from snagging.
    -Hang dry, or dry flat, only.  Heat from the dryer will compromise the integrity of the materials.

  • Ribs- Horizontal measurement of your ribcabe, just below your bust. If you prefer a snug bra, take a snug measurement at the bottom of your exhale. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, take a more relaxed measurement at the top of your inhale.  Round to the nearest 1/2".

    Bust - Vertical measurement of a single breast. To start, I like to give the breast I will be measureing a gentle squeeze to get a better idea of where the breast tissue begins at the ribs and ends at the chest.  Then, take your measuring tape and begin just below the breast tissue at the ribs, bring it up and over the fullness of your breast, and measure to where your breast tissue and fullness ends at your chest. Round to the nearest 1/2".