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Soft cup, longline, full coverage black lace bra. Edged with velvet elastic. Clasps in the back. Made to measure.


Bra's with a bust diameters greater than 8" will be made with a slightly different lace than pictured. If matching thong is purchased I will match the lace.

Lace Bra

  • To enjoy your lingerie for as long as possible please follow these care instructions.

    -Wash by hand in warm water or on a gentle cycle in a machine.
    -If washing with other more substantial garments, first place lingerie in a mesh washing bag to protect them.
    -Make sure all claps are closed to protect lace and mesh from snagging.
    -Hang dry, or dry flat, only.  Heat from the dryer will compromise the integrity of the materials.

  • Careful measuring is of the utmost importance for a well fitting garment. Please see my sizing page for detailed instructions.


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