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All pieces are custom made to measure. 

Please measure carefully and double check your numbers.

If you have questions, contact me for assistance.

If you are local to Eugene,OR and would like to schedule a measuring session in my studio, feel free to reach out.

Waist - Horizontal measurement of the narrowest point of your waistline.

waist measurement is 34


waist measurement is 29.5


waist measurement is 34.5"

Hips - Horizontal measurement of the widest point of your hips and booty.
For penis owners.  When measuring hips, measure above the bulk of your penis as to not include it in the hip measurement. Mention you are a penis owner in the ordering details so I can adjust the pattern to better suit your anatomy.

hip measurement is 38.5"


hip measure is 36.5"

hip measurement is 45

Ribs- Horizontal measurement of your rib cage, just below your bust.


rib measurement is 34"

rib measure is 35"

Bust - Vertical measurement of a single breast. From rib cage up over apex of breast to where breast tissue ends at chest. Measure while wearing a well fitted bra.
For owners of flat chests.  If a bust diameter measurement does not make sense with your dimensions, you can skip that measurement.         Mention you have a flat chest in the ordering details so I can adjust the pattern to better suit your anatomy.


bust measurement is 10"  

bust measurement is 7.5"

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