Matter of Size


  1. Waist - Horizontal measurement of the narrowest point of your waistline.  Usually just a bit above your belly button. Measure to the nearest 1/2" (Shown in example picture at 27")

  2. Hips - Horizontal measurement of the widest point of your hips and booty, at about your pelvis. Measure to the nearest 1/2". If you have a penis, measure above the bulk of it as to not include it in your measurement.

  3. Ribs- Horizontal measurement of your ribcabe, just below your bust. If you prefer a snug bra, take a snug measurement at the bottom of your exhale. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, take a more relaxed measurement at the top of your inhale.  Round to the nearest 1/2". (Shown in example picture is 28")

  4. Bust - Vertical measurement of a single breast. To start, you can gently poke the top of your breast and travel upwards with your poking until you feel the soft breast tissue give way to the harder bone feel of the chest.  Then, take your measuring tape and begin just below the breast tissue at the ribs, bring it up and over the fullness of your breast, and measure to where your breast tissue and fullness ends at your chest. Round to the nearest 1/2". (Shown in example picture at 7.5")

All pieces are custom made to your measurements. PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY, and double check your numbers. I know this is a difficult and new skill for some, but I can not emphasize how important it is! 

If you have ANY questions or confusions please reach out and I will happily guide you through the process.